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Silk is known as Katan in Hindi. Silk is a soft, lustrous fibre obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm. Katan silk is a plain woven fabric having pure silk threads. Silk is one of the finest natural textile and is considered as one of the most luxurious fabric.


Kora silk is also known as Organza. It is primarily made out of twisting only silk yarns and filaments. Kora silk is smooth with a sheer texture. Kora sarees are very breathable and light in weight.


Tissue is a fabric produced by a single silk warp intertwined with a single gold weft. Tissue is characteristic of lustre with a fine finish which provides the fabric a very graceful touch. It is a translucent fabric with a golden effect.


Tussar is indigenous to India and has a golden brownish look. This fabric is highly sturdy in nature. Tussar is well known for its purity and rich coarse texture. Durability of Tussar is worthy of praise.


Cotton silk is a blend of silk and cotton with silk on the warp and cotton on the weft. This fabric is famous for its sturdiness. Sarees made out of this fabric are light in weight in comparison to silk sarees which makes it a highly preferable summer wear.


Satin is usually a warp faced weaving technique. It is the oldest known fabrics. Satin has a very luxurious feel and appearance. Satin is one of the most preferred fabric for bridal trousseau.


Summer silk is famously known as Crepe Silk. This fabric is obtained by the interweaving of Silk and Georgette. Crepe fabric often features a sort of crinkled or granular surface, that’s a bit rough to the touch. The fabric is light in weight which makes it ideal for summers.


Chiffon is the more well known name of Khaddi. This fabric is highly demanded due to its softness, light weight and flowy nature. Chiffon sarees are all white in colour when weaved and undergo dyeing as per the requirements.