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The word Sautri has a Sanskrit genesis, Sautri implies "Weaver". As India is a land to various handloom traditions, weavers have an unparalleled position in the Indian history as the preservers of our legacy and heritage.

Our forefathers began with a couple of weavers having an aim to carry forward the marvelling grandeur of Indian craftsmanship. The hand woven fabric of Banarasi sari is symbolic of man's endeavour to bring beauty and grace into one's life. We at Sautri stand for the refined feel, uniqueness and audible rustle of our products.

Maya Angelou said "If you're going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can't be erased." Our ancestors have been successful in leaving behind their mark in the form of 'art' that we create. The family has been in the business since 1907. They descended from Lahore, moved to Amritsar where after trying their luck in weaving of Pashmina shawls, the family finally settled in Varanasi. Here they started the regal business of Banarasi sari and we are the fifth generation involved in the family business. In modern times, we decided to enter the world of E- commerce and carry the legacy ahead. Sautri promises to live up to the family's reputation by creating something meaningful that would touch one's soul.

Banarasi is an unmatched fabric and we at Sautri envision to make it a non- negotiable part of every woman's closet. The brand vows veracity, uniqueness and craftsmanship along with fair pricing. Keeping the humble family legacy alive, Sautri donates a part of its earning towards the education of children of the diligent and industrious weavers from the past 70 years.