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21st century markets are hoarded with counterfeit products which are marvellous imitations of the real products and can easily cheat the innocent customers. The counterfeit market runs on the principle of exact photocopies of high end products with cheap quality and are highly difficult to discern from the real ones. The unaware customers are looted and the counterfeit market thrives.


We at Sautri are very well aware of such counterfeit products and it is difficult to cheat the eye of a professional craftsman but the layman would easily be cheated. Sautri is all about customer support satisfaction. This is a small gesture to help our customers to be able to differentiate between real and artificial silk. Silk one of most luxurious fabrics also has cheaper versions of it and the following steps would help you from being tricked into buying artificial silk.


Do the touch test- The most rudimentary way of finding out pure silk is by rubbing the silk with your fingers. If the silk is real it will become warm whereas artificial silk will have no such temperature change. Another way is grab a few layers of silk and squeeze it together. On doing so if one hears a distinctive crunching sound similar to the one which comes when stepping on fresh snow, the silk is real.


Lustre -Silk is well known for its lustre. This lustre could be a way of finding real silk from artificial silk .With real silk the colour on the surface will change as we hold it in different light angles ,where as artificial silk will give a white sheen regardless of the light direction.


The burn test- This test promises the most definitive results, all safety measures should be adopted while performing the test. When real silk burns it will produce a smell that comes on the burning of human hair. An important fact about silk is it will only burn till the source of flame is touching it. While in case of synthetic silk once ignited it will easily burn down as it is highly flammable. Artificial silk burns with a stretch like that of plastic.


Age test- “Old is gold” so stands true in this case of real silk. The older the silk gets its beauty grows. Synthetic silk has no such quality and it tends to fade away with time.


We at Sautri swear by the purity and quality of our products.